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What it is: A targeted supplement in capsule form that works to improve hair health.

What it does: Vida Glow Hairology is clinically proven to reduce hair loss, while simultaneously improving volume, shine and resilience. It even works to undo the damaging effects of heat styling, bleaching and colouring.

How it does it: Hairology contains AnaGain™, a first-to-market ingredient derived from pea sprout. Combined with minerals like biotin, selenium and zinc, the formula reduces shedding and encourages optimal folicular health for strong, shiny strands. 

Who it’s for: Both men and women who want to prevent shedding and increase hair density, or anyone who wants to extend their topical hair care routine into the ingestible space. 

A fun fact to tell your friends: In a clinical trial, 34% of participants noticed a reduction in hair loss after just one month. 

What people are saying: 77% of our testers noticed an improvement in overall hair health, while 62% noticed improvements in the strength of their hair. 69% also noted their hair had become noticeably longer whilst taking the supplement. 

Here’s what a few of our review panel members had to say about the product:

“I definitely noticed a significant difference taking these capsules! My thin, fine hair has grown a little thicker, and there is noticeably less breakage when brushing my hair!”

- Shae.



“The capsules themselves are easy to swallow. There is no after-taste, which is great. I didn't notice any nausea or side effects at all, which is fantastic. I generally have a sensitive stomach but took these capsules easily. As for results, I've noticed that my hair seems better overall. It is shiny, and seems to be growing faster than before. I've discovered I'm losing less hair when I brush it in the morning, as well as after I shower.  This product really seems to be helping, and I'll definitely repurchase it.

- Becca.

“I can not recommend the advanced repair Hairology capsules highly enough. My hair felt thicker, after 8 weeks and I noticed less breakage. My hairdresser commented that there was less hair left behind in the wash basin. I do recommend that you take the capsules following a meal.

- Catherine.


Where you can get it: 

Available from for $85 for 30 capsules

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