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What is the Review Panel?

The Review Works Review Panel is our team of independent product testers, who are sent products to trial and review for free. Each tester in our community is invited to trial the latest beauty products and services based on their supplied profile and preferences. Once they put these products and services through their paces, they’ll share their verdicts (good or bad). 

How do I join The Review Works Review Panel?

We're always on the lookout for new members to join the Review Panel.  Not only is it a great way for you to test the products you're interested in before you buy them, but you’ll be able to share your experience with other like-minded men and women and help them make their next purchase. Head to our sign-up page to join our panel. To be eligible you must:

  • Live in Australia (we don’t ship overseas)

  • ​Be 18 years or older, or have written consent from a guardian 

  • Answer all the required questions in the survey

What kind of products can I expect to trial?

The Review Panel tests a diverse range of products, services and treatments, from anti-ageing face creams and fake tans to mascaras and foundations. You can read our recent trials here.

What's involved in being a part of the Review Panel? 

Members of The Review Works Review Panel will be contacted via email when their profile matches a product we’re seeking reviews for. It’s up to you to decide if you want to opt-in to receive the product. If you do, all we ask in return is that you follow the usage instructions, submit a thorough review to the specified website, and complete the survey questions we send after the trial by the deadline given. 

How long do I have to trial a product, service or treatment? 

It all depends on the product. We will always make sure you are aware of the review deadline before accepting to take part in the trial. Generally, it's anywhere from one week to two months.

Where do I write my review? 

When you are accepted to participate in a Trial Team, we will share with you the website to submit your written review. These are often the brand's own website or an official retailer’s website.

What should I include in a review? 

We’re looking for honest and useful accounts of your experience using the product, and the results you found  after using it. If you can cover that, that’s enough for us. Here are some tips to help guide your review writing: 

- How does the product feel, look or smell?

- How does it make your face, body, or hair look and feel when applied?

- How does it make your face, body, or hair look after use?

- What were your initial thoughts after using the product?

- What are your thoughts after using the product for a few days or weeks?

- What are the pros? Are there any cons?

- Who would you recommend use this product? 

What happens if I'm late submitting a review post-trial team survey? 

You must let The Review Works know as soon as possible if: 
- Your review and post-trial survey will be late.
- You’ve had a reaction while using the  product.
- You have not received the product. 


You will receive a reminder a week before your review and the post-trial survey are due, as well as another reminder on the deadline day. If your review and post-trial survey have not been received within two days of the deadline you will not be eligible for further trials.


How many times can I expect to be on a trial? 

The Review Works Review Panel is an ever-growing community of beauty addicts, however we do try our best to ensure that everyone is given an equal opportunity to trial and review products.

I've already filled in the 'Sign Up' survey but my details and/or preferences have changed. How do I update them? 

Send us an email here to make any updates to your records.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact

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