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The Review Works is a socially-based reviews platform that generates reviews for your brand, on your own website without having to buy media space.


We nurture a community of socially native beauty lovers  - including 1800+ passionate reviewers - providing them an opportunity to engage and connect with each other on their consumer journey. A destination where they can seek out trusted recommendations from their peers. 

What sets us apart?

  • Reviews for your brand, on your website of choice and most importantly at your digital point of sale

  • SEO benefits for your brand and maximising syndication opportunities 

  • Customisable opportunities, allowing for smaller review packages, if needed

  • No large media investment is involved, ensuring the cost-per-review is lower

  • Consumer-centric experience with stylish sustainable packaging and a chocolate treat in every box

  • A targeted trial panel of beauty enthusiasts 

  • 90% guaranteed review completion rate

  • Third-party endorsement, through a social post with 50,000 guaranteed reach and a bonus summary article housed on

  • Bespoke post-trial survey with 5 unique questions

  • Our community of reviewers are nurtured and recruited through social to maximise organic UGC

  • Star rating and dinkus for panels of 100 reviewers or more

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