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What it is: Glasshouse Fragrances Sunsets in Capri is a vibrant perfume made up of citrus and floral notes and it’s housed in a luxurious, faceted glass bottle. 

What it does: Inspired by the beautiful Italian coastline, the scent is designed to transport its wearer to the island of Capri. 

How it does it: Sunsets in Capri marries fruity floral notes such as White Peach, Mandarin, creamy Jasmine and Musk. Because it’s an eau de perfume, the concentrated scent lasts beautifully on the skin, as well. 

Who it’s for:  Anyone who wants a long-lasting personal fragrance that smells like an Italian summer holiday. 


Fun fact: The nose behind Sunsets in Capri is Steven Claisse, a New York City born perfumer who trained in France. The scent itself is manufactured locally in Australia. 

What people are saying: 76% of our testers found the scent to be long lasting, while 94% would recommend it to family and friends.

Here’s what a few of our review panel members had to say about the product:

“The fragrance made me feel like I was on vacation, laying by the pool or on the beach soaking up the sunshine!”

- Eliane.



“The scent made me feel like I was standing outside in the summer heat and enjoying the warm wind gently touching my face.”

- Sarah.

“I felt so happy and refreshed wearing this fragrance. It feels like I’m sipping peach tea on a beach… it feels like summer in a bottle!”

- Elisa.


“Sunsets in Capri made me feel fresh and boosted my mood instantly!”

- Melissa.

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