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What it is: The Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream is a lightweight yet replenishing daytime treatment moisturiser. 

What it does: This anti-ageing formula works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while simultaneously improving skin hydration levels.

How it does it: It contains two peptides (Snap-8™ and ChroNOline™) to decrease the look and depth of expression lines, as well as to repair skin damage. The Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream also contains a Hyaluronic Acid matrix to attract water into the skin, instantly diminishing surface dehydration lines.

Who it’s for: Anyone concerned with lines and wrinkles.

A fun fact to tell your friends: ​The Dr. LeWinn’s Hyaluronic Acid matrix has the ability to hold 50 times more water than standard Hyaluronic Acid.

What people are saying: 96% of our testers reported their skin felt more hydrated and firmer, while 61% saw a reduction in lines and wrinkles. 100% liked the lightweight texture, while 94% would also recommend it to family and friends. 

Here’s what a few of our review panel members had to say about the product:

"I used the Dr. LeWinn's Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream over a 4-week trial and was very happy with the results so far. I used it daily after cleansing and applying my usual serum and found the consistency of the cream lightweight on application and without leaving any residue. The cream absorbed quickly, leaving my skin feeling smoother and nicely hydrated throughout the day. I feel that this usage, so far, has helped some fine lines appear much smoother. I also loved the purple packaging and the pump action mechanism; it delivered just the right amount of cream for my face and neck."

- Julie.



"I’ve been using this cream for one month but I could see the changes in my skin after a week! My face is more soft with a different glow. It's more fresh and youthful! The cream is so light and gives me a matte effect – 0% grease. And love love love the presentation, it’s so easy to pump the correct amount of product needed for my face and neck."

- Fiorella.

"I was lucky enough to trial this product for a review and I feel so blessed that I was. I think this day cream would be suitable for sensitive skin. I have pretty reactive skin and this cream didn’t make me feel sensitised at all. It has great skin loving ingredients Urea, Glycerin and Peptides all at a decent price point. It made my skin hydrated and layered perfectly under my SPF. It’s a goodie"

- Renae.

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