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What it is: An ingestible, berry-flavoured collagen powder that works to hydrate, firm and smooth the skin. 

What it does: Dose & Co Beauty Collagen is scientifically shown to improve skin hydration, boose elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. With ongoing use, it supports a complexion that’s plump and radiant. 

How it does it: Beauty Collagen contains a unique blend of 10,000mg hydrolysed collagen peptides, 120 mg hyaluronic acid and 90 mg vitamin C that work synergistically to support collagen production, increase hydration levels and protect against environmental damage. 

Who it’s for:  Both men and women who want to support and maintain healthy, youthful skin, as well as to complement a topical skincare routine.


Fun fact: Beauty Collagen is gluten, soy and artificial sweetener free. The light, refreshing berry flavour actually comes from natural flavours and monk fruit.

What people are saying: 85% of our testers exclaimed their skin felt more hydrated, while 75% noticed their skin felt smoother. 91% also said they would definitely recommend Beauty Collagen to their friends and family.

Here’s what a few of our review panel members had to say about the product:

“I'm quite impressed with this collagen! It blends well into smoothies but still tastes amazing on its own. Since I started taking it, I’ve noticed my dull skin has become brighter and more radiant. My nails have strengthened and overall my skin is looking so healthy! I think it is definitely due to the addition of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C in this collagen powder – it’s the first I’ve come across with these ingredients. I have already recommended it to my family and friends!”

- Melon.



“I'm usually sceptical about the efficacy of collagen, but my hairdresser commented on how much new growth I had, so I think it’s working! Will definitely repurchase.”

- Sarah.

“Delicious! My absolute go-to every morning, I can’t imagine starting my day with anything else but Beauty Collagen! I’ve been using the product for about 8 weeks and so far I’m impressed. I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin, I can’t get enough of the hyaluronic acid!”

- Catherine.

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