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What it is: An active daily skin supplement that comes in capsule form.


What it does: Vida Glow Radiance is clinically proven to promote skin clarity and luminosity. It improves the look of pigmentation, discolouration, dark circles, redness and general dullness.


How it does it: The key ingredient found in Radiance is SkinAx2™, a blend of French grape seed, melon extracts, vitamin C and zinc. In clinical studies, the ingredient combination was proven to increase luminosity by 26%, reduce facial imperfections by 18% and reduce dark circles by 12%.


Who it’s for: If you’re looking for a brightening product to compliment your topical skincare routine, Radiance is a great supplement to try. It’s also vegan and completely tasteless, so is easy to work into your daily routine. 


A fun fact to tell your friends: Radiance is housed in a vegan cellulose capsule that breaks down efficiently for maximum absorption, as well as to protect the highly bioavailable formula. 

What people are saying: 87% of our testers noticed an overall improvement in their skin tone, while 80% said their pigmentation appeared to have faded. 87% also stated that redness and dark spots had reduced, while 80% confirmed they would continue using the product.


Here’s what a few of our review panel members had to say about the product:

“I’ve been taking the Radiance Capsules daily for two months. I have noticed that my skin has become brighter, my pigmentation has reduced, and my skin tone has improved. What I am most impressed about is how much it has improved my dark under-eye circles! I didn’t think it was possible. This product is super easy to use. I just take one capsule after breakfast. I would definitely purchase again and I am keen to see the results after more use!”

- Jaclyn V.



“The Vida Glow Radiance capsules were gifted to me in exchange for review. The supplements come in a green sturdy luxe box with a green bottle containing green capsules. It was easy to consume & incorporate in my daily routine. After consuming for 60 days, I am very pleased to see results from the beginning to now. I love just how it has left my skin naturally glowing with very minimal redness I experience daily. The fine lines I have on my forehead appear more minimised, some scarring from shingles that I had late last year on my left eye area has significantly reduced in appearance, while some other blemishes & uneven skin tone on my left cheek, and left side of my neck has softened in appearance to have faded away. My skin feels a lot softer and smoother just by me looking at my face in the mirror. I have never tried anything like this before, where I have seen real improvements to my skin. I am super happy that the Vida Glow Radiance has helped to improve the overall look and feel of my skin. I could see myself using it in the long term and hopefully would continue to see more skin improvements. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who might be looking at improving their skin from within.

- Caryl A.

“I've been taking Radiance Capsules for 8 weeks now and my skin is definitely feeling the glow! I've had several compliments on how glowy my skin is, which is great as someone who has oily skin, as there's definitely a difference between oily and glowy! My skin texture has improved and I can't even remember the last time I had any kind of pimple. Overall I'm really happy with the results from taking Radiance Capsules.”

- Zarmina B.


Where you can get it: 

Available from for $90 for 30 capsules

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