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What is it: ProX by Olay is a targeted skincare line that’s been formulated in partnership with a panel of dermatologists. Each product is clinically proven to treat advanced signs of ageing, such as dark spots and wrinkles. Some of the standouts include the Dermatological Brightening Spot Fading Essence, Dermatological Intensive Wrinkle Fading Essence, and Dermatological Intensive Wrinkle Fading Repair Cream.


What it does: Each ProX formula is designed to correct signs of ageing through proven active ingredients. The Dermatological Brightening Spot Fading Essence renews the skin’s surface to fade dark spots in just two weeks.


The Dermatological Intensive Wrinkle Fading Essence and Dermatological Intensive Wrinkle Fading Repair Cream on the other hand firms, lifts and plumps the look of wrinkles, smoothing the skin’s surface.


How it does it: Olay uses a range of topical ingredients that are proven to boost skin health.


In the Brightening Spot Fading Essence, there’s a powerhouse combination of Saccharina-Gly-N complex, Undecylenoyl Phenylalanine and Niacinamide to visibly clarify and brighten, while the Intensive Wrinkle Essence and Repair Cream contains a Retinoid Complex plus Niacinamide to firm lines and wrinkles.


Who it’s for: Anyone looking for a targeted skincare line that will seriously improve key signs of skin health, from tone and texture to wrinkles.


A fun fact to tell your friends: Olay uses a patented form of Niacinamide in its formulas that penetrates 10 layers deep into your skin for impressive results.

What people are saying about ProX By Olay Dermatological Brightening Spot Fading Essence85% of our testers noticed a more even skin tone, while 83% agreed their spots were less noticeable. 90% also noted their skin looked visibly brighter after using the product for 28 days. Here’s what a few of our review panel members had to say about the product:

"I have been using this product for 4 weeks and I’ve never seen my skin become so clear so quickly! It really is incredible, I'm hooked! My pigmentation has decreased significantly and my dull skin has gone. It’s amazing.”

- Sim.

“I have been using this for 2 weeks now and have noticed a big improvement in my skins texture and tone. I normally have quite blotchy skin however this has evened out my skin and started fading my skin spots. I love the size of the packaging, you don’t need to use a lot so this will last me quite a while which is great. Excellent value!”

- Anita.

“The serum is lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin, it doesn’t leave you oily or sticky afterwards. It also wears well under makeup. I’ve been using it in the morning and evening for the last four weeks and have noticed that my skin looks brighter and my pigmentation has faded. My skin can also be on the sensitive side and I didn’t have any irritation with using the serum. Highly recommend it!”

- Nicole.

What people are saying about ProX By Olay Dermatological Intensive Wrinkle Fading Essence and Fading Repair Cream78% of our testers noticed a reduction in fine lines, while 97% agreed their skin looked firmer. 100% also noted their complexion felt much smoother after the trial period. Here’s what a few of our review panel members had to say about the product:

“This serum spreads easily and sinks straight in. I don’t need to use a lot and I saw a visible difference in my skin after about a week, my fine lines were less noticeable and so were my pores. The Pro X range by Olay is really high quality and delivers great results without the high-end price tag of some other retinol serums.”

- Shireen (on Intensive Wrinkle Fading Essence).

“Retinoids usually irritate the skin when used for the first time, but surprisingly this serum did not! Overall after using it in conjunction with the moisturiser, I did notice my skin was smoother, brighter and very supple. I have fine lines around my eye area which I found have softened… my cheekbone area is also less saggy. I highly recommend!”

- Sakina (on Intensive Wrinkle Fading Essence).

“I was initially impressed by the luxe packaging but expected minimal results from this cream. Oh boy was I wrong! This moisturiser not only delivered results on an anti-ageing front, it also kept my skin bouncy and hydrated. My sensitive skin loved the thick texture, but it didn’t make me greasy. A new favourite!”

- Meg (on Fading Repair Cream).

“I’ve been using this as part of my night time routine and am finding that skin feels moisturised, baby-like and much plumper. I can feel the overall difference on my skin – I wake up with a dewy glow. I now know what to give my friends on their 40th!”

- Swati (on Fading Repair Cream).

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